Use Natural Juices as an Effective Remedy Against Constipation

Use Natural Juices


You are suffering from constipation if you have less than three bowel movement in seven days. Use Natural Juices as an Effective Remedy Against Constipation. Constipation leads to the formation of such feces that is dark in color and hard. A person may find it difficult and painful to pass such tool. A person may suffer from chronic constipation or temporary constipation. Temporary constipation is easy to cure as a little change in your diet and daily routine can help in resolving temporary constipation. Chronic constipation can be treated with a number of medications. Although medicines prove effective to treat chronic constipation but you must try to treat in naturally with natural remedies.

Juices prove to be the best natural remedy for constipation as the chemical composition of juices contains all the necessary nutrients that help in relieving constipation. Juices are naturally rich in vitamins, mineral and valuable enzymes that act as natural laxatives to clean by your digestive tract. Fresh juices help in removing those toxins from your body that are related to the condition of constipation in your body. On the other hand, juices provide you with all the vital nutrients that help in the proper and healthy functioning of your body. Juices help in eliminating harmful bacteria from your intestine and digestive tract. In addition to constipation, juices resolve a number of other problems such as gas production, bloating, gastritis and inflammation of the stomach.

Green apple juice is considered to be the best to treat chronic as well as temporary constipation. Green apple juice produces malic acid in the stomach that helps in burning fat tissues produced to ineffective digestion in the intestine. These fat tissues can accumulate in the intestine and may result in constipation. Take a peeled green apple and blend it with an adequate quantity of water after removing the seeds of an apple. A combination of pear and green apple juice can also prove to be an effective remedy towards constipation. Take a similar quantity of both the juices and mix them well to create a uniform mixture. Now take this juice twice daily before breakfast and after dinner to get rid of constipation. Only pear juice alone can also be taken as a remedy for constipation as it is also rich in minerals that work against constipation.

Another juice that can prove highly beneficial in treating constipation is the carrot juice. Special oil in the carrot juice is known to work on the colon membrane and helps in preventing constipation. Carrot juice is naturally rich in vitamin A that plays a vital role in softening the hard stool. Make carrot juice as a part of your daily diet as it helps in producing soft stool along with eliminating toxins from the body of an individual. You can also utilize citrus juice to address your problem of constipation. It helps in easy and proper digestion of food by activating various enzymes in the colon. Take orange juice, lemon juice, grapefruit juice or a mixture of all these juices to solve the problem of constipation.

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