Benefits of Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Human Growth Hormone


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Human growth hormone is a vital hormone and is produced by the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland is an integral part of the human brain and it produces a number of hormones one of them is HGH that is comprised of 191 amino acids in total. These amino acids are connected to each other in the form of a chain to form HGH. The pituitary gland in humans starts secreting HGH as soon as a child is born. The pituitary gland produces this hormone in an adequate quantity. The liver then absorbs HGH where it comes in direct contact with cells of the body. HGH is one of the important hormones of the human body as it prevents aging, stress, and depression in people. It results in a younger looking and glowing skin by regenerating and reintegrating the skin cells. This hormone plays an important role in increasing the height of an individual. Adequate quantity of HGH helps in gaining muscles fiber that increases the elasticity of the muscles. HGH also plays some role in regulating the metabolism of the body and keeps it healthy and active.

Appropriate levels of HGH are required for the proper growth and cellular reproduction in the human body. HGH levels are at their best during the early twenties to early thirties of a person’s age. With increasing, age HGH levels in the body begin to drop as a result a person feels a decrease in energy and stamina. Medical researchers show there is a decrease of ten percent in the level of HGH in every ten years. Descend is the HGH levels results in fatigue and decrease in muscular energy of the body. Other disorders associated with decreased level of HGH are sleeping disorders, deterioration of the bones and low levels of energy. The weakening of the bones is a result of low calcium retention due to low levels of HGH. Low HGH percentage may trigger cardiovascular diseases in a person as the natural level of cholesterol is disturbed due to deficiency of HGH.

In order to manage HGH deficiency in the body, you may take HGH supplements. These supplements provide a person with their daily dosage of HGH. However, to cope the deficiency of HGH you must intake the food that is rich in proteins as amino acids are the building blocks of HGH and proteins are chemically made up of amino acids. Lean meats, eggs, and lentils are the perfect sources of proteins so consume them in your daily diet. Certain dry fruits, pulses and turkey, and seafood are also rich sources of protein.

If you taking HGH supplements keep in mind that HGH supplements have certain side effects. In males, HGH supplements can result in low sperm count and decrease sperm motility. HGH supplements cause difficulty in urinating and may result in swelling of the chest tissues. General side effects of HGH in females are sudden changes in menstrual cycle, increased facial hair growth, croaky voice and reduction of the breast.

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