How To Ensure You Are NOT Magnesium Deficient – It’s Super Easy

Do you get enough magnesium in your diet?

The Journal of the American College of Nutrition says that at least 68% of us are magnesium deficient , this deficiency may lead to health concerns such as – insomnia, depression, fatigue, leg cramps at night, tension headaches, constipation and painful periods.Magnesium is found in foods such as brown rice, whole-wheat and oats, brazil nuts, sesame seeds, almonds, cashews, spinach and other green leafy vegetables and cocoa to name a few. Magnesium can also be applied to the skin directly in a magnesium spray – called magnesium oil, and is claimed to be the most effective way to ensure sufficient magnesium is consumed.
You can buy a magnesium spray from the Tweny8 website  – called Magnesium Health Spray, along with essential oils and other beautiful organic skincare.

How To Ensure You Are NOT Magnesium Deficient

So what is magnesium oil?

Well surprisingly enough, it’s not actually an oil but is called  ‘oil’ as once you combine the magnesium chloride in water it feels oily.

NB: it’s important to note that this is NOT the same magnesium found in Epsom salt, which is actually is magnesium sulfate.  The important point is that magnesium chloride and is better suited to transdermal absorption. (absorption through the skin). In actual fact magnesium is more easily absorb via the skin than through digestion of foods containing magnesium.

How to use Magnesium oil?

I spray magnesium oil on my arms, legs, and stomach daily via a little spray bottle. I find doing this  after my shower  then rubbing it in when I apply my essential oil blend works for me. It’s a nice little ritual and then allows the magnesium oil to absorb. It’s super easy.

You can just spray it on and rub it in without any other oils too.

You can use magnesium oil liberally, starting with 6 to 8 squirts a day and building up to as many as 20. Magnesium oil will loosen your stool, so the test to determine how much you need to apply is to simply watch your bowel movements. If they turn too loose, then back off the magnesium a little.

Want to know how to make your own magnesium spray?

OR of you’d prefer to buy it done for you

Do you use magnesium spray already? Do you think you could benefit?  We’d love to hear you views and experience, so pop your comments below.

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