How To Breastfeed – A Step by Step Instruction

How To Breastfeed


Breastfeeding or bottle feeding

How to Breastfeed? Breastfeeding has long been recommended by medical experts. It's the best choice for feeding newborns. Ideally, for the first six months of life, mothers should feed the newborn babies exclusively. After that, mothers can continue breastfeeding babies until age two, and meanwhile you can introduce some solid foods to the babies.

However, breastfeeding is not recommended for all mothers and babies for physical reason. Mothers taking certain medicines, having tuberculosis or infected with some virus shouldn't breastfeed, in order to avoid infection transmission to infants. If you are not sure whether to breastfeed, you should talk with your doctor and confirm before feeding. If you are not comfortable with breastfeeding, you still can study more about formula and baby feeding bottles, in order to fulfill the baby's nutritional and emotional needs.

What's breastfeeding and advantages of breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding is to feed a newborn baby with breast milk instead of feeding by formula. Breast milk is considered as the healthiest form of milk for babies. It contains various vitamins and minerals which fulfilled newborn babies' need. The components of breast milk (lactose, protein and fat) can be easily digested by infants' immature system.

Studies showed breastfeeding can help both the mother and the baby from a wide range of diseases. Babies fed by breast milk have less possibility to have some medical problems, for instance obese, high cholesterol, diabetes, allergies and so on. Mothers who prefer to breastfeed are less likely to have breast and ovarian cancer. Plus, breastfeeding can help shrink your uterus, burn calories and help shape your body figure. Breastfeeding is easier and quicker than feeding by formula as well. You don't need a lot of time to prepare, and you won't possible meet the problems of running out milk in middle night.

Last but not least, breastfeeding can fulfill mothers' and babies' emotional needs. By breastfeeding, you can gain confident in their ability of taking care infants. Also, the skin to skin contact can further enhance the connection between mom and baby.

How to breastfeed a baby?

When you decide to breastfeed your baby, you might ask how to breastfeed a baby. Well, breastfeeding is a nature experience, but it also requires you to learn and practice.

When the baby is sucking his/her hand or crying, probably it's time to feed the baby. You need find a proper position to breastfeed the baby. You should lie on one side facing your baby. Then hold your baby close to your breast, and make the nipple deep in baby's mouth. Make sure the baby starts to suck it. Be careful do not make the nipple slip out of the baby's mouth. You can watch the video below and gain a better understanding.

Six Breastfeeding Tips You should Know

  •  Wear a comfortable and loose bra. It is suggest wearing a professional nursing bra. A professional nursing bra is much softer and tenderer than ordinary bra. It can prevent the nipple from rashes or allergies, and also your baby won’t get hurt when you are breastfeeding.
  • Keep holding your breast while you are feeding the baby. Make sure your nipple deep inside the baby’s mouth so that the nipple won’t slip out.
  • Keep your nipple clean. It is important for keeping your baby healthy. If you have any infection or allergy on your breast skin, you should go to doctor and checked it carefully. If there is some serious issue, stop breastfeeding for a while until you are cured.
  • Avoid using medicine. If you have to take some medicine, clarify to the doctor that you are feeding an infant. Ask doctor prescribe you a medicine which won’t influence breast milk. Or you can stop breastfeeding for a while.
  • Drink more milk, juice or water. It will help you produce more breast milk. Moreover, the juice or milk’s nutrition is indirectly provides your baby more nutrition.
  • Calm down your baby before feeding him/her. When baby is crying, the baby paid most of attention on it, and also possible hurt your nipple when feeding the baby.
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