Introducing Formula of breastfeeding baby & Bottle Feeding Tips

Introducing Formula of breastfeeding baby

Breastfed Baby


When you are reading this article, I assume you already find it's very hard to introduce formula of breastfeeding baby. Not only difficult for babies, but also yourself. You need make some adjustment on emotion, and your baby needs to learn a brand new way of feeding. Following tips might help your baby easier to adpat in the new feeding method.

1) It's better to have someone rather than you to bottle feed the baby, so that your baby won’t tease your breast milk. You should ask your husband or a baby sitter to help you.

2) You should find the most suitable formula for your baby. The most expensive one is not necessary to be the most suitable one. There are various formula available, for instance, soy based formula, basic cow's milk formula, hypoallergenic formula and so on. If your baby has a sensitive tummy, there is a special formula for your baby. Once you choose and introduce formula to your baby, you should observe if he can digest easily. You might want to decide whether to change formula.

3) Types of baby bottle are matters for breastfed babies. Breastfed babies used to human nipple, and they tend to be more resistant to the style of bottle and nipple. You will find it’s much easier to introduce formula, when you find your baby's favorite bottle

Tips of Bottle Feeding

breastfeeding baby


After getting a baby bottle and formula, he/she is also ready to feed. Then you should do some experiments to find out what's his/her favorite position to feed. Some of babies might like sitting on a chair, but some of them preferring lying on the bed.

Don't be so rush to introduce formula to your baby. Babies' digestive system need time to adjust, not to mention babies need time to get used to the formula taste. You can start bottle feeding with pumped breast milk first. Gradually, introduce a small amount of formula to the baby. You might want to put a little bit breast milk on the top of bottle nipple at the first few times. It helps your baby sucking the bottle nipple and getting used to formula. If your baby doesn’t like the feeling of cold bottle nipple, you should warm it with warm water. Keep adding the amount of formula every day until your baby is ready to drink formula only.

KEEP IN MIND! Introducing formula to breastfed baby is difficult. BUT! Never make feeding time into a battle. If your baby doesn't want to bottle feed at this time, may be learn some tact and try it next time! Also keep yourself healthy and happy. I know it's very difficult to take care of a baby, but you should remember you just have done the very best that you could to your sweet baby.

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